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Smart Home Control

Aperio Audio Visual are experienced in the design, supply and installation of all manner of home technologies including home control, smart home and home automation systems.

Aperio Audio Visual can combine individual elements in your home into an easy to use and easy to understand interface to control mood lighting, multi-room audio, multi-room video, heating, surveillance, your cinema room and much more giving you that 'single pane of glass' view.

The setup is tailored to meet your exact requirements in the way that you want your home and systems to be controlled.

Replace multiple remote controls in each location and embrace a single, uniform controller throughout the house. Choose from an in wall control panel, tablet (iPad & Android), smart phone (iPhone & Android), on your TV screen or an all in one remote that talks to your systems. The result is a simple, yet extremely powerful control system that anyone can pick up and use.

Away from home or running late? Connect to your home remotely turn on the lights, close the blinds and get the heating ready for your return. Or at home in the cinema? Program one button to lower the lights, close the curtains, set the temperature, turn on your equipment and start the movie.

The options are endless and as a result we will install a system to meet your custom requirements through a communication process to ensure satisfaction.

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Isn't home automation 'expensive'?

The simple answer is no, it doesn’t have to be. The system is modular, in that you can pick and choose the elements you’d like and to meet your budget. Things are also always evolving and it’s a huge growth area. The great thing about this is these innovations can often be added to the system to work together and not separately to continue making things easy to use and integrated.

Can home automation systems be retro fitted?

Very much so. A number of options are available that can either work with the existing cabling infrastructure or using a wireless option that also works with existing wall sockets and switches. This makes it quick and easy to replace certain items without having to cause any damage to existing walls.

I don't like technology, therefore this isn't for me?

The exact opposite, this is for you. The idea of our systems is to bring everything together into one consistent and easy to use interface. Whether it’s a hand held remote, a mobile phone (Android or iOS) or a tablet (Android or iOS), it’s easy to use in intuitive and more importantly, you can’t break anything. You can even use your voice with Amazon Alexa.

Do I need to keep the equipment near the television in each room?

Not always. There are a few options with most common being the option to hide equipment out of sight in a cupboard centrally locate everything in a single location for every room to access. With either option, we can install a single, easy to use remote control instead of multiple remote controls for the TV, Sky, Apple TV, Blu-ray player, AV receiver etc.

What areas do you cover?

Although we are based in Swindon, we generally operate within a 50 mile radius covering Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Somerset, Dorset, Hampshire, Monmouthshire and Oxfordshire. If you're outside these areas, please contact us as we'd be more than happy to speak with you.

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