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Video Calibration


Being qualified ISF calibrators, Aperio Audio Visual are passionate about providing people with the best viewing experience.

Why does my video display need calibration?

Calibrated to industry standards, your video display will :-

Unfortunately manufacturers do not seem interested in making sure their displays conform to the agreed upon and accepted colour standards used by television broadcasting and movie studios. In fact, they do quite the opposite and on purpose! In an attempt to sell more TVs, manufacturers are constantly trying to come up with "brighter blues" and "more vivid reds" than their competition.

What you, the consumer, need to understand is that there is only ONE correct way to display colours: By following the industry wide recognized colour standards used for standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD). Movies and TV shows are all meticulously created to adhere to these industry colour standards that have existed for years. For a TV or projector to reproduce what the director intends the audience to see, it has to follow these standards. ISF calibration is a process using specialised equipment and video experience to bring your display as close as possible to industry standards and see exactly what the director or producer of a movie or TV show wants you to see.

Overdriving your video display will also be costing you money as having the levels ramped up to an initially perceived ‘brighter and more colourful’ image will require more electricity and therefore will be more expensive to run.

So if you think your display will benefit from professional calibration by Aperio Audio Visual, get in touch today.

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