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System Tune Up

Are you getting the best from your home cinema or hi-fi system? It’s not a question we generally ask ourselves, we usually think that buying a new and sometimes expensive piece of kit will automatically enhance our system and that it’ll be performing at its best out of the box. This however is not the case.

Looking at the system as a whole there are many factors that can influence the quality and performance of your kit and the end product that you eventually experience. At Aperio Audio Visual we have years of experience with all manner of hi-fi and home cinema and have found that almost all systems we encounter benefit hugely from a thorough and correct set up process and simple upgrades.

This process has two great benefits;

There are many factors that can influence the performance of your AV equipment;

Consultation or system tune-ups are charged very reasonably at an hourly basis. During this process we can highlight, explain and address and issues with the system and then advise of potential upgrades. There can be a bit of perceived smoke and mirrors with cable upgrades and contrary to popular belief paying more for an expensive cable doesn’t always produce the best results. The right cable in the right place in the system can transform it dramatically.

Our philosophy at Aperio Audio Visual is if you can’t hear or see a difference, don’t buy it!

Contact us today and see why a system tune up can breath new life into your current home cinema or hi-fi.

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