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Mood Lighting

With the advent of "smart technology", we can not only switch lights on centrally, but also dim them, put them on a schedule, configure certain sets of lights in patterns and colour co-ordinate them. The possibilities are much greater than ever before, so why not put a little more fun and functionality into your home.

Lights can reflect your moods or activities, provide subtle shading or highlight feature areas. Aperio Audio Visual specialises in all aspects of interior and exterior lighting using the very latest technologies. Whether you require a standard switch, touch screen or the ability to control your lights from anywhere in the world, we can provide a system which meets your requirements.

We can also provide a full lighting design service to achieve the optimum effect by ensuring light fittings are properly placed, in the correct quantity, and using the correct lamp. This combination will transform any living space, highlighting the best features and creating an inspiring and beautiful room.

Using the latest energy efficient lights, save money without compromising on light quality. By using a 'Smart' control unit we can also ensure that lights are only turned on when you require them and go off automatically. Just another way we help to save you money and improve security.

Scenes allow you to quickly change the lighting to fit the mood. Whether you're watching a film, a romantic meal or bedtime reading, this is all possible. A master button can also be configured to switch all the lights on or off in the house, should the occasion arise.

If this is what you're looking to achieve, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your specific requirements.


Can mood lighting be retro-fitted?

Very much so. A number of options are available that can either work with the existing cabling infrastructure or using a wireless option. This makes it quick and easy to upgrade your lighting without having to cause any damage.

Do I need to change the light bulbs and fittings?

We don’t require any special type of light fitting. If you want the lighting to dim rather than just switch on and off, as long as the fittings can be dimmed, you can create some very dramatic lighting scenes.


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