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Lyngdorf Audio MP-50


The MP-50 features RoomPerfect™ and fully digital signal processing, offers full support of Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X, and AURO-3D® and has balanced outputs for a 11.1 audio setup plus four auxiliary channels, which can be used for additional speakers or woofers. It will fit perfectly into new or existing systems and is a great match for the SDA-2400 power amp.

The MP-50 is, like all Lyngdorf Audio electronics, built to the highest standards. Everything is best-in-class, with features including:

  • RoomPerfect™ with the same fast and easy set-up as ever.
  • Meticulous design based on 20 years of know-how in digital signal processing.
  • Highly selective components, like our 105 deg C / 220 deg F capacitors to handle temperatures way beyond what will ever occur inside the MP-50.
  • Advanced mechanical design—PCBs are securely fastened with sturdy standoffs to avoid transport damage, and connection surfaces are gold-plated to secure solid and lasting contact.
  • Impeccable manufacturing—as an example, we use the highest-grade PCB materials, which remain solid during the very hot soldering process to ensure components are not damaged in production.

For more details on this amazing processor, read more at the Lyngdorf.

£12,995.00 Inc. Free Delivery

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Lyngdorf Audio MP-50

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