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Leisure and relaxation is in short supply in today’s hectic society and one of the best ways to relax and enjoy yourself is to listen to top quality music or watch excellent films or TV. Whilst dedicating a room to home cinema or audio is something many people are doing, multi-room audio and visual systems can bring musical pleasure to you right through your house.

It’s fantastic for parties too!

Wired or Wireless?

Getting Multi-room AV right though can be a challenge. You need to plan things carefully to make sure your cabling infrastructure is suitable. If you are going wireless you want to be certain of strong and stable wifi signal strength throughout the building.

You certainly want to be able to stream music and/or video to several devices and you will probably want different content to be playing in different rooms at a time. You will possibly be thinking about using a central media server but what about accessing it from the internet when you are away from home? Does it need to integrate with other Home Automation systems too?

AV Control systems

And then there’s the issue of how you are going to drive it. The controls must be easy to use and reliable. They will probably need programming as well to make sure they reflect the layout of your system and the rooms in your house.

Outside broadcasting!

At Aperio Audio Visual we specify and install multiroom AV systems to meet and exceed the needs of our clients across a wide range of budgets. We cover Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and the South of the UK.

So take advantage of our 30 years’ experience to make sure you get what you are after whether you simply want to get top quality sound in several rooms or if you want sound and vision everywhere - even in your garden!

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