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Founded by Peter Lyngdorf, Lyngdorf audio systems produce music like no other in the market. Being pioneers in digital technology they are at the forefront of creating the most dynamic and lifelike audio reproduction available. With their patented ‘RoomPerfect’ equalisation removing the room anomalies from the equation, you’re left with a totally immersive and accurate representation of your favourite music.


Your sound system should be perfect in your environment and only Lyngdorf Audio can promise it will be. Here’s the situation: all designs of audio electronics and speakers specify a frequency response with 2 or 3 dB—but your room might incur peaks and dips of more than 20 dB throughout the frequencies, which can ruin the performance of even the best audio designs. And here’s the answer: Lyngdorf Audio’s RoomPerfect™, the end product of more than two decades of pioneering audio research and development. Lyngdorf Audio can also optimise existing systems to the acoustics of your room so you can benefit from their expertise and years of experience without having to go through the expense of replacing your entire system.

Lyngdorf have a complete range of products to cover all your audio requirements;

For 2-channel stereo, there's the TDAI-1120, TDAI-2170 and the TDAI-3400. Pair either of those with a CD-2, along with the MH-2 or MH-3 speakers and the BW-2 or BW-3 subwoofers and you have a stunningly accurate 2-channel audio system. Alternatively, if you want less 'boxes', Lyngdorf also have the FR-1 speaker, which is full range speaker.

If you're looking at multichannel as opposed to 2-channel, then look no further than the Lyngdorf MP-40, MP-50 or MP-60 processors and add the required amount of Lyngdorf SDA-2400 power amplifiers and you have an incredibly capable and accurate multichannel system. Pair with your existing speakers to give them a whole new lease of life, or go that step further with an entirely new speaker setup.

Some of the comments from expert reviewers include;

"In Lyngdorf Audio’s attempt to show a new generation of 20- and 30- somethings how music is meant to be heard, they created a component so well executed it also lays waste to many so-called ‘high-end’ components costing multiples of its price,” he continues, before stating he would “challenge any integrated amplifier (or separates for that matter) to perform at the TDAI’s level in the real world with the clean elegance it pulls off.” - Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity magazine

"The sound is truly exceptional, with a strong sense of hearing directly back to the source material, not to mention repairing the damage your listening room does." - The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award

“The Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-2170 is an amplifier you simply have to check out if you would like an extremely flexible and powerful amplifier…I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to test an amplifier that not only tries to move boundaries, but succeeds in doing so. Good sound plus a well-thought-out and unconventional concept—it delivers on its promises.” - Lyd & Billede

“Sound addictive…Literally a devil-does-all to get the maximum enjoyment from music…Lyngdorf Audio succeeds with the TDAI-2170 in offering an accessible solution that enables the enthusiast to get the best out of his speakers/music collection.” - AudioVideo2Day

“Tangible and realistic…the end result leaves a spectacular sound stage, sublime focusing, an enormous level of micro detailing, and chilling dynamics. The sound is super neutral, but the atmosphere and warmth of the recording is transmitted very directly.” - Music Emotion

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