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Future Planning your Property

Keeping up with fast-moving Audio Visual technology

Audio Visual technology is clearly developing incredibly rapidly as is the way it is being used. For example, CD sales are dropping fast (although paradoxically vinyl LP sales are rising again – the so-called “Vinyl Revival”) and there’s a massive move towards streaming music and films through providers such as Spotify, Tidal, NetFlix, Amazon Prime Video, NowTV etc.

Home media servers are on the increase to deliver high quality Audio Visual content to output devices such as TVs, projectors and speakers throughout your home – and beyond via the internet to your own mobile devices too. It’s like having your own private music and movie library.

Avoiding obsolescence

The implication of this is that when you are thinking about getting a high quality audio visual system for your home you need to make sure you won’t miss some key developments that could make your investment obsolete right from the start. If you aren’t aware of what’s happening in Audio Visual you could spend thousands on obsolete hardware and, in some ways worse, on unnecessary or inadequate cabling systems.

We have a good understanding of what’s coming, partly because we love Audio Visual technology but mainly because we love music and video. It’s our job to know and to help you get the best system for your budget. Our extensive experience in the Audio Visual business gives us knowledge and perspective that our clients benefit from.

Future planning your own investment

On the average cost of a build or renovation, the cost of design, supply and install of the cable is often under 3% of the overall cost of the project. As this infrastructure has been installed, this then leaves you with the option to add 'features' at a later date when budget or requirements permit.

Next Steps

Give us a call to chat through your own ideas for audio visual entertainment, whether you are planning a home cinema, a multi-room stereo system or a fully-automated house. We can help you Future Plan your Audio Visual investment and stop you spending money on redundant technology that you really shouldn’t be buying now.

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