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Why have a Control4 smart home?

If you wondered what Control4 can do for you and why you'd need it, here's a great info-graphic to give you an idea.

uploads/article_images/control4_infographic.jpgA single app, in this case MyHome by Control4, can bring together all elements of your system and home automation into one clean, clear and easy to use interface. This is far easier than having an app for thermostat, an app for the lighting, an app for security...

Leaving home in the morning to go to work? Press the 'Work' button and let Control4 change everything to how you'd like it set. Control4 can turn down the thermostat, set the lights to a predetermined level, arm the alarm and much much more. Whilst at work, open the app on the smartphone, be it iPhone or Android and make manual adjustments if needed, or just check the security cameras.

Control4 and their MyHome app are the clear and easy solution in bringing everything together into one, easy to use solution.

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