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Client Support Plan

Our Client Support Plan is the ongoing support of your system. In addition to providing you the best products and professional installation services, we pride ourselves on having a very sensible Client Support Plan that we consider an important part of any system and not leaving you ‘on your own’ after the installation.

Why a Plan

We have picked the best equipment for your system and before you sign off on the installation, we will have checked and double checked the system to ensure everything is working properly. We know from our experience with installing a number of systems that problems will arise; some because something is wrong with the equipment or hardware failure, some because a device simply needs rebooting, some because of human error and much more. The problem may be something as simple as an unplugged wire. Whether human or mechanical problems, the Client Support Plan is designed to cover you.

Visual and Analogy

Your property and systems contain a number of devices and connections, each with their own set of complexities. Our Client Support Plan is designed to cover you in the event that one of these devices or connections fail, however it is as much a preventative maintenance plan to keep them from failing. It is no different than today’s cars with all of their electronics that require regular maintenance. Neglecting the maintenance can lead to problems. To help make the point, think of how many times you have had to reboot your mobile phone over the last six months because it either froze or became sluggish. I bet it has been more than once. Well, many of the devices on your network are no different. Occasionally, they get out of sync and need to be rebooted. In fact, the need for frequent rebooting is a sign of a problem that needs attention, which we will track as part of the service. In short, our Client Support Plan is a proactive approach to preventing problems with your system and ensures we will respond quickly when problems do occur. It is designed to minimise the number of times you have to worry about your home automation system.

Overview of the Plan’s Features and Benefits

At the core of our Client Support Plan is a remote monitoring service that alerts us when there is a problem with your system. It also includes limited remote reboot capabilities making it possible to fix the majority of problems without an onsite visit. Other features of the plan include an Annual System Healthcheck check where we come to your house and check each device for proper operation and perform firmware and software upgrades as necessary.

Summarise of Key Benefits

In short, purchasing the Client Support Plan will ensure someone is monitoring the health of your system, save you from costly repairs in the event something does happen, and extends the overall life of your system because of the preventative maintenance features. The Plan also includes an Annual System Health Check to ensure everything is up to date and running as it should be.

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