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#C4Yourself - Chime - Nov 2020

Worldwide #C4Yourself by Control4 for the month of November and the new Chime Video Doorbell

Overlooked Home Cinema Features

When creating a Home Cinema, many of the basics are often overlooked. Learn about them here.

What is Dolby Atmos?

The ultimate home cinema is about a great picture and sound combined to give a fully immersive experience to excite your senses.


The sound of your speaker will be dramatically changed by the acoustics of your room.

C4Yourself - May 2020

Worldwide C4Yourself by Control4 for the month of May.

Living Room Transformation

Living room home cinema transformation for a big Formula One fan.

C4Yourself Day - Neeo Remote Control

Worldwide C4Yourself Day by Control4 with the new product launch of the Neeo remote control.

Audio straight out of Hollywood

Recreate film soundtracks exactly as the director intended by using the same speakers they use in the recording studio - MK Sound.

Enjoy Films, Box Sets And TV In General?

If you're considering a media room, home cinema or simply want something to take your entertainment to the next level, get in touch.

Exciting showroom update & Black Friday deals

Exciting showroom update & Black Friday deals - New showroom coming soon and take advantage of a one-off, Black Friday, promotion.

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