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10 great reasons to plan

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but when homes are built, extended or renovated, the end goal is often overlooked meaning the correct infrastructure isn't in place to support how the house and rooms are going to be used.

We've put together 10 reasons, in no particular order, to pre-plan and pre-wire your property;

  1. Hidden Cables
    Lets be honest, no-one likes to see cables around the skirting board, up walls or even around the outside of the house
  2. Aesthetics
    Run cables to a central location, share the Sky, Apple TV with Netflix or similar around the home and keep your rooms clear of electronic clutter and use a single remote control
  3. Investment
    Your home is a big investment, make sure it supports your lifestyle today and the future to meet all our requirements such as multi-room audio, complete internet coverage or motorised blinds
  4. Lifestyle
    Ensure you have the flexibility to use what you want when you want, where you want. Music, TV, Internet...
  5. Convenient and Flexible
    If you have the correct wiring infrastructure with the right cables going to the right location, you have options now and in the future of what can be connected. Technology is always changing, make sure you're prepared
  6. Wired for Sound, TV, Network and more
    With the correct infrastructure, discrete in-ceiling speakers can be added for multi-room audio, 'connected' TVs to meet all you viewing needs and hard-wired games consoles to minimise that all-important ping response time
  7. Internet Speed and Reliability
    Although wireless is great, it has its place and a wired connection is always preferred where possible. Ensure network cables are in places where the best connection is needed
  8. Wireless
    Prevent the all too common 'blackspots'. Using the wired backbone mention above, correctly placed wireless access points (WAPs) can ensure wireless coverage throughout your home to ensure you no longer hear those dreaded words - 'has the wifi gone down?'
  9. Energy
    If you have a control system in place, easily control the heating, hot water or lighting from home, or away from home. Items can be put on schedules to save energy and add security
  10. Control
    If you have a lot of connected devices in your home, bring it all together into one simple to use interface using remote controls, phones and tablets, at home and away from home

It's much easier and far more cost-effective to pre-wire a property than it is to retrospectively add cabling. Who wants to start chasing walls, lifting carpets and making a mess once the house is complete? All too often, we visit wonderful new or renovated homes and the homeowner has troubles with wireless or is wanting to share Sky around the house, but the wiring infrastructure was overlooked. Our goal is to prevent these problems from ever occurring by advising on the correct infrastructure is in place before it's too late.

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