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TV Room

Following a busy start to 2019, we're at a stage where we are taking bookings to demo our discrete media room.

The room is designed to look and feel like any regular living room yet provide stunning video and sound without making compromises to the room.

When we opened our doors for a recent show, the feedback we received was superb, with comments including;

"Where is the sound coming from?"
"This is exactly the look and feel we want in our room"
"Wow, this is amazing!"
"We love how the speakers and TV look at the front of the room, it's so subtle"
"I didn't realise this was possible, I thought I'd need big speakers in the room"
"We're totally blown away by the sound"

The whole idea of the room is to show that a room doesn't have to have dark walls, blackout blinds or big speakers in the room to look and sound amazing. Simply with careful planning and the right products, you can create something that looks and sounds unbelievable.

So if you're considering a media room, home cinema or simply want something to take your entertainment to the next level, get in touch.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next post, as we hope to have further updates in the coming weeks.

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