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How to set up a home cinema system for the whole family to enjoy

Introduction – who will use it?

  • It’s a big decision to set up a home cinema or media room because of the level of investment and the wide range of equipment available
  • Before you design your ideal home cinema, look at who will use it, what they enjoy and which features will make the difference
  • It needs to be easy to use. There's no point installing a home cinema that no-one can work out how to use

Basement Cinema by Aperio AV

What are the benefits of setting up a smart home cinema?

  • If you’re an avid film fan, love box sets, watching music concerts, nature documentaries or regularly enjoy watching sports, a home cinema is for you
  • It’s all about immersing yourself in the experience on screen!
  • Make it possible to enjoy high definition and 4K UHD sport, nature, concerts, box sets and films with HDR
  • Take gaming to the next level in terms of picture and sound. Feel like you're actually part of the game!
  • Engross yourself in a combination of atmospheric sound and large screen display
  • Enjoy music? Make your cinema the perfect concert location for you, family and friends
  • Single remote control or mobile and tablet app to make it easy to use. You can even use Amazon Alexa for voice control
  • One button control to dim the lights ready for the movie
  • Close the automated blinds to prevent any distractions

How do you choose the right space to create a home cinema?

  • A home cinema can work in almost any size of room – you can create a snug, a family games room, a dual purpose room or a dedicated home cinema room
  • You need to consider electrical supply, cabling and layout – easy to address if your home is being renovated or is a new build – more expertise required for a retrofit
  • Do you want a room dedicated to a home cinema
  • Is the room going to be used as more than just a home cinema, such as a living room
  • What space is needed for the equipment and where can it go

How do you select the right equipment?

  • Size of screen
  • Type of speakers – in-wall, on-wall, in-ceiling, stand mounted, concealed etc
  • What amplifier should be used and why
  • Which is the best Blu-ray player
  • What streaming device should I use for Netflix or Amazon Prime

Are there sometimes finishing touches in the design to make it suit the individual family?

  • We can integrate Amazon Alexa so you can control the room using your voice. With a young family, this was a request from our client. Read our case study to find out more

Where do I find the answers to all these questions and who can help me decide?

This is where we come in. We're experts in home cinema and can create the perfect room for you and your family. We know this, as the most frequent feedback we receive is 'we use the cinema so much more than we expected'. Our customers find it such a great place to be either on their own, with their family or with friends, whether it's watching a film, or the latest documentary, it really is a room that can draw you in and take you away from the stresses of everyday life.

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