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Property developer in smart home partnership

Wanting their properties to offer something more than other developments, we were contacted by a local Developer looking to make their Lakeside show house and subsequent properties a little more special. They were looking for something to complement the modern design and structure of the property along with a solution that would be easy to use, powerful, reliable and at the correct price point.

Developer Show House

We therefore met with the Developer at our show house to provide a hands on of what we can do and how we can complement their properties. Instantly seeing the benefits, the ease of use and the 'wow' factor, the decision to include our solution wasn't a difficult one. The unique challenge we were presented with was working within the tight building design to achieve the required building certifications.

Working through the options, the Developer ended up with a perfect solution to a challenging situation. We installed whole house mood lighting, discrete in-ceiling speakers in key living spaces for music, centralised TV distribution to 'de-clutter' rooms, hot water control and whole house heating control. The whole property was also pre-wired, so additional features can be added at a later date if required. Control options included an attractive intuitive on-wall touch panel, hand held remote controls, mobile phones and tablets (iOS and Android) and lighting keypads. With all this control also available when away from the property, it proved to be the icing on the cake.

Also as it's a show house, on entry and at one press of the 'Home' button by the front door, mood lighting is switched on at set levels throughout, relaxing background music starts playing through the speakers and a photo show reel starts playing on the TV. When the show house then closes at the end of the day, the 'Away' button is pressed, all lights switch off, music is stopped and the TV is switched off.

The end result - A partnership was then formed with the Developer, with them offering our solution as part of the package to all subsequent properties sold.

Show House

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