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Window Treatments - Blinds, shades or curtains

Walking around your house closing and opening blinds and curtains can be a thing of the past. Too hot in the summer due to direct sunlight? With a simple press of the button, or better still, on a schedule, the blinds can be lowered to keep the house cooler. We can offer wireless and wire free options for retrofit or hard to reach places along with wired solutions.

Window Treatment

From our health and well-being, to the appearance of what we have in our properties, natural light has an impact and plays such an important part in our everyday lives.. Daylight makes colours more vibrant, texture of finishes are more visible and the whole room receives an uplift with natural light.

With the ever present awareness of trying to save energy, window treatments can help. In the summer months, keep the house cool by closing the blinds, but in the winter, open the blinds to encourage light and heat to help reduce bills. The blinds can even be made with specific materials to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

When integrated with one of our home automation systems, we can make the blinds automatically work for you. Aperio Audio Visual can programme the blinds to gradually open over a pre-set period of time so your eyes can adapt when waking in the morning, or using an astronomical clock, the blinds can be set to open and close based on the time of day. If you're away from home, or caught up in a meeting, close the blinds and turn on lighting for added safety and security. Prevent glare on your screen, or protect furniture, fine art, rugs or surfaces from damaging UV rays. For additional safety and with electronic motors, there will be no dangerous pull strings that children can pull the blinds down with, or even get caught up in.

Aperio Audio Visual work with a number of exclusive manufacturers to ensure your requirements can be met, be it a wireless retrofit option to a new build or renovation. This includes and is not limited to abstract window shapes and sizes to specific materials. We can work with you on your bespoke and unique requirements.

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